Babyclon® Family: Roger

Hello, welcome one more day to our blog! Today we return with our section of the Babyclon® family! What better way to teach the heart of Babyclon® than to introduce everyone who is part of this team that fulfills the dreams of so many people.

Today we enter the department that is perhaps the least visible, but it is where everything starts and that, without this department, Babyclon® would not remain alive. Yes, the administration department.

It all starts here, contact with people, control of networks, keep everyone informed and organize all orders. It is not all about creating, it is about managing!

And this is where Roger comes in. Roger was born on April 07, 1979, and is the second brother of the Iglesias Mauri family.

When Babyclon® moved to its new home in Cristina’s hometown, Roger began his Babyclone® adventure 3 years and 6 months ago, becoming Cristina’s right hand.

“Roger for me is an essential point, because he is a very rational person, gives me dose of reality when my imagination goes beyond, that which stops me for a moment and helps me to make things go well. His work is not visible, but a failure of his has an impact on production, on an economic level, on management, etc. If he fails, we all fail, that is why it is such an important part within the company” – admits Cristina.

Although not only does it manage Babyclon®, but also the rest of our company’s projects, Clonfactory: Purchases, orders, networks, contacts, can you ask for more?

Yes, it does a very important step and it is the packaging of every baby, checking that your baby is perfect and taking care of every detail because you know that it is the first impression after opening that magical box that makes your heart shoot and fill with joy.

“Roger is a very organized and polished person in his work, nothing escapes him. When packing, it looks like a machine does, because it takes care of the smallest detail in every order.” – says Sandra from the joint department.

We asked the protagonist of today’s story about his experience at Babyclon® and he tells us this:

“The experience working with the entire team is very good. My particular task is not manifested in the processes of creating the sculptures, but I am in the part of customer service, administration, packaging and shipping.

This doesn’t take away my feeling part of one of the pieces that make up the fantastic Babyclon® team.
is a gear that works almost perfectly on every job or project we do.

In the day to day, and in many of the decisions that must be made, Cristina makes all the components of the Babyclon® workshop feel part and involve us, each giving their opinions and often reaching consensus on the final decisions. This makes you appreciate the place of work and the team you belong to.

As for the working environment, one can say that the experience is very enriching. The Babyclon® workshop breathes a positive environment in general, which helps the effort and the outcome of the work.”

In short, a large group and a great working environment, and management-valued jobs.

As you see, every department is vitally important, they have to go all together to create these babies that are a bit of all who make up this great family.

And so far our blog today, as we always say to you, if you want us to talk about a particular topic, write to and we will dedicate the blog on that topic.

Have a good weekend and see you on the next blog!

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