babyclon scams

BABYCLON SCAMS are gradually becoming rampant, why is that?

Hello Babyclon Family, we will like to bring something to bring something to your attention and it is about Babyclon Scams.

To begin with, we have always placed emphasis on our prices, the prices of our babies are not cheap because these babies takes a lot of time going through the creating process. We also use the best silicone there is in the market so that we can provide our customers with the best silicone babies you can find.

We understand the urge from many to have one of our babies and that’s why they tend to look elsewhere so that they can have them for cheaper prices. Today, we have decided to write this blog due to the recent complains of scams we have been receiving from our hard-working customers.

There are a lot of websites claiming to be Babyclon or have a partnership with Babyclon and they are ripping people off their hard-earned money.

We have managed to identify some of these websites and we are doing to our best to report them so that they can be stopped! Please do not be convinced by how legit these platforms and social medium accounts appear to be.

Additionally, there are also personal individuals who have set up stores on social medium and B2B markets such as Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, Alibaba, Amazon, and more. All these individuals have the same purpose, to scam our customers and make away with their money. Remember, if it appears too good to be true, then it’s definitely a scam! BEWARE ! ! !

However, we will like to emphasize that, Babyclon do not have any profile in any B2B platform and neither do we have a social media account that promotes and sell our babies.

Babyclon Headquarters is Located in Spain, the address is Carrer General Prim, 7A, 43580, Deltebre, Tarragona and due to to the constant demand from our many U.S customers, we’ve set up a ShowRoom in USA, the address is 1100 S Hope St, Los Angeles CA 90015 but it was later closed due to the pandemic, our apologies.

In Conclusion, we advise you do your utmost best to stay away from these scammers radar. It is our top priority to make sure our customers feel safe when purchasing our luxury silicone dolls. You can always reach us on our livechat or email address Please note that a webmail must carry its domain name, if you ever receive a mail claiming to be Babyclon from an email address that does not carry our domain, please immediately send the mail to spam and block if possible. Please do this and stay away from any Babyclon Scam.

We hope this blog is able to reach our customers both online and offline and helps you all stay safe. Please make sure to share this blog if you can, our best regards goes to our lovely Babyclon Family.

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