New Preemie models: Neptune and Galaxy

Hello to the whole world! We turn to see one more day in our blog! We like to write this blog: because the family every time becomes bigger! 

We currently have 24 different models to choose from, going through Mini, Babyclon® Pets or normal models. We have several measures and each time we try to expand each range. And this is the case with Preemie models.

The Preemie models are those models that would be between newborns and Mini’s, a perfect fit if you’re looking for a baby who can hold it in his arms without weighing it down. 

A little over 1 month ago, we’ve already expanded the Preemie range with the spectacular Luanda model, the lovely baby who has already loved many people and we can’t deny it, we too!

And today we have the honor of presenting, in our fantasy collection, 2 new Preemie models that will delight you! 

Neptune Preemie model

The new Neptune Preemie model comes directly from the coldest and furthest planet of our solar system, the blue planet. With humanoid features, its slim and perfect body and oval head, make this model a lovely alien. They say that their inhabitants exalt in the human being aspects such as generosity, inspiration, hope and intuition, you will find out?

This model also has the drink and wet system included and you can choose it from the color you want, such as gray, pink, blue, green or if you have some reference color, we will make it possible, can you ask for more?  

The model presented is unpainted, next week we will present the model painted in a very funny video that we know you will love

Model Galaxy Preemie 

Our fantasy model par excellence finally in Preemie size, we know that many people were waiting for you and today the day has come! We give you an advance of the awake model and soon we will present the model asleep.

The new Galaxy Preemie model is inspired by the galaxy itself, a fusion of stars, celestial bodies and cosmic matter and in a premature size with a body that looks like new to the world, with endless wrinkles, Texture and details. 

A fusion that makes this model an impressive creation, with its humanoid features, intense blue color and white spots that shine with ultraviolet light that look like all those stars scattered throughout the galaxy.

It also includes the drink and wet system, is available asleep or awake and you can also choose the color you like the most, what is the limit? The limit is set by your imagination, before these wonderful beings. 

We’ve made an advance of the awake model unpainted, the sleeping model still has a few details left and we can present them painted and finished.

And so far our blog today, remember that next week we will present these painted and finished models, so be alert to our social networks if you don’t want to miss anything! See you in the next blog and have a great weekend!

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